Alan Smithee

Gran Turismo 5 – Two New Videos

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I’ll be nice this time around and give you one before the jump.

First up…the go kart racing demo that to the untrained eye, just looks like a bunch of grown men turning right far too often. But if you’re a fan of karting then you should know that these guys are travelling at ludicrious speeds while being only inches from the tarmac, and I won’t even go into the fact that most karts don’t have great suspensions.

The second one is dedicated to all of you Top Gear fans in both the US and the UK. Most of you will recognize it immediately as the test track that the Stig tries all of the cars out on. I’m friggin’ stoked that it’s only weeks before this game is finally in my PS3…THIS is the epitome of a day one purchase for me.

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