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Gran Turismo 5 – More Teasing Screenshots

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hotness, that's the only word that applies to this car...straight hotness

C’mon Kaz…we’ve waited long enough. It’s time for you to actually release this fucking game or cancel it already. I don’t think your series will survive if this one isn’t a huge seller, too much hype vs substance will eventually drive your dedicated audience to the competition if you guys don’t get this game into gamers’ hands by this X-Mas.

We are hearing reports of the game being in our hands sometime this October, but that’s just some hearsay that was going around at GDC. We all know that the guys at Polyphony Digital release games when they feel like it.

I can’t stay mad at them though, this game looks just too goddamned gorgeous to hate on. Though I’m calling it right now, these are all replay shots, not actual on-the-track pictures…cause you don’t need that many polygons and anti-aliasing when going 130 mph.

Photo Source: AGB

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