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Gotham: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Mask” – Nananana…Woah, Too Soon!

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Gotham’s eighth episode “The Mask” continued to irritate me in regards to Bruce Wayne.

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Remember how I’ve mentioned that Gotham is developing Bruce Wayne’s character way too early on? Well, they didn’t listen to me (how rude) and his character took a huge step towards becoming Batman.

Now that Bruce has returned to school after the death of his parents, the bullies have descended. Bruce is very mature for his age, so for the most part he rises above in regards to their cruelty, but when one of them mentions Bruce’s mother, Bruce jumps on him. Obviously, he’s rather small and has no experience yet when it comes to fighting, so he gets a black eye. When he leaves school like that, Alfred steps in and teaches him how to use a weapon to defend himself; this time it was with Bruce’s father’s watch. They drive to the bully’s house and Bruce attacks. This is the first time for Bruce to take justice into his own hands, but don’t you think it’s rather soon for him to do so? He’s obviously now going to start training towards eventually becoming Batman, and I’m still really hesitant when it comes to his character, but I do think it was good to see Bruce defending himself.

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The episode begins with two people in an office fighting until one of them dies. When the body is deposited with a finger in his mouth, Nygma runs its prints to find that he worked at a financial firm, where it turns out that the owner made people fight to the death if they wanted to work there. Gordon is the one who finds this out, and when he goes to confront the owner, he’s captured and four men are set on him. He’s able to take out three of them because he’s a BAMF, but then the owner shows up in a mask (hence the episode’s title and no, it wasn’t Jim Carrey) and attacks him. Fortunately, Gordon and the Captain, who’d been discussing how lonely Gordon was feeling after last week’s debacle, convince everyone to search for him, and the Captain rescues him just in time.

Cobblepot and Mooney sit down for a heart to heart (okay, maybe not really), and after Mooney reveals she’s replaced Cobblepot, she stabs him in the hand. He does nothing, but after visiting with his mother and realizing that everyone has a secret (because she’s also a backstabbing snitch), he captures the man who replaced him. He’s able to get him to give up Mooney’s secret: she has someone close to Falcone. This is Liza, of course, who’s starting to pull back from Mooney. However, Mooney is able to convince her to drug Falcone and copy some pages from his ledger. What will she use these for? She says it’s a thread that will unravel Falcone when she pulls it.

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I still can’t decide how I feel about Mooney. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t. She’s still over the top and rather ridiculous, but when she’s conniving and plotting, she’s an interesting character. On the other hand, I pretty much live for any scenes with Cobblepot and his mother (Carol Kane is perfect) or with Nygma (Cory Michael Smith is suitably weird and wonderful). However, I still find myself somewhat bored in between scenes with these characters, though I will say that Gordon kept me hooked this episode.

Get a sneak peek of next week’s episode in which we meet Harvey Dent! Gotham airs on Fox, Mondays at 8/7c.

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