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Gotham: Season 1, Episode 7 “Penguin’s Umbrella” – The Penguin is a Golden Goose

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Gotham‘s latest episode “Penguin’s Umbrella” is full of Penguin’s awesome manipulations, but the show is beginning to get a little boring.

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Oswald Cobblepot is alive and everyone is freaking out. Mooney wants her guys to bring Bullock in to find out how this could be. He’s given the task to kill Gordon for defying Falcone’s order to kill Cobblepot, but Gordon gets away. Gordon sends Barbara away so she is out of harms way.

Gordon shows up at the precinct to get some arrest warrants. He wants to arrest the mayor and Carmine Falcone, but the captain tells him that no one will help him. Falcone sends Victor Zsasz to collect Gordon from the precinct. Man, this guy was scary. They picked the perfect actor for this role. He’s creepy and weird and freaky and I would not want to be in his way. I was happy to hear he’ll be a recurring character. All of the other cops leave Gordon to fend for himself. He manages to get away safe – well, with a few bullet holes – with the help of Montoya and Allen, who are apparently now on his side.

They take him to get stitched up and tell him to rest, but he wants to finish this. They go to visit Bruce, and Gordon tells him that if he should die, Montoya and Allen will take over his case. Bullock shows up at Gordon’s place to tell Gordon that he’ll help him as he has nothing to lose. They go to arrest the mayor and Falcone, but Falcone has Barbara. Falcone decides to let them all go with a warning.

Fish Mooney (who continues to be ridiculous and cartoony) tells Falcone that Penguin needs to die because he knows too much. Falcone tells her to go to Maroni and ask for Penguin back. Mooney does that and tells Maroni that she feels disrespected by Penguin. Penguin is forced to apologize but she slaps him across the face. Maroni realizes that if everyone wants Penguin he must be a goldmine – a golden goose.

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Falcone prevents Maroni from making a bunch of money by setting up a roadblock, so Penguin helps Maroni get back at Falcone by telling him about a warehouse full of Falcone’s guns and ammo. They attack and kill all of the men there. Falcone and Maroni meet up. Falcone lets Maroni have the Penguin for something in return. Maroni gives him a piece of real estate in Arkham.

Of course, we all should have known that Penguin’s been playing everyone from the beginning. He and Falcone had planned for Gordon to be the one to be given the task of killing him because his conscious would prevent him from carrying it out. The deal was for Penguin to come back and pretend to work for Maroni all while feeding Falcone info on Maroni.

But is he really? Penguin’s just working for himself, isn’t he?

This was a pretty good episode. I’m not going to lie, I might be getting a little bored with Gotham. I like the show, but I mostly look forward to the scenes with Penguin. He’s the best thing going for this show, and some of the other actors and story lines are falling behind. I really hope it gets better.

Let’s find out together. Gotham airs Monday on Fox at 8/7c!


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