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Gotham Season 1, Episode 5 “Viper” – Something Smells Fishy

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A deadly drug takes over Gotham, Bruce’s obsession takes over his life, and Gordon is taken by Maroni. Find out what else happened in Gotham’s fourth episode, “Viper”.

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This week, a disgruntled chemist begins giving away a new drug called “Viper” that gives the people who take it superhuman strength and then kills them. Gordon and Bullock investigate. I thought that the drug was a great addition to the show. To me, Gotham was kind of side-stepping around the outlandish, strange occurrences that are common in comic books. Gotham seemed to be attempting to craft an adult, mature cop show, but it needed more from its roots other than the constant mention of Oswald Cobblepot’s nickname and Bruce’s research into his family’s company. The effects of “Viper” – a burst of euphoria and strength followed by bone-disintegrating death – was exactly what the show needed. Except the fact that it is totally disconnected from the show’s already established logic. It probably didn’t hurt that the drug was also a nod to Bane, who uses a variant of the drug in the future called “Venom”.

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Let’s talk about Bruce a little bit here, okay? I’m kind of tired of him. Now before you come after me with pitchforks and such because he’s the god*amn Batman, hear me out. First of all, I think Bruce too quickly delved into the murder of his parents and begun to suspect the involvement his family’s company has in Gotham’s underbelly. He hardly mourned. The way that he’s speaking is much more that of an older Bruce. He’s taking actions that are a little unbelievable for a child. I suppose you could argue that he’s really mature for his age, his parents just died, etc., but it just seems like too much too soon. Second, I think that Bruce is being somewhat used as a prop to further the show; viewers expect to see the kid who’s going to be Batman, so the show runners deliver. But it’s not necessary to include him every other scene when all he’s doing is saying the same thing: Gotham is corrupt and he will find out how to fix it. Might be an unpopular opinion.

Okay, so I’m going back on what I said last week. I cannot take Fish Mooney seriously. She’s too over the top, too ridiculous, too much. In this episode, she’s training her “weapon”, Liza, the girl that she’s hired as a weapon against Falcone. Liza is learning how to woo, how to seduce, and how to sing a very particular song. This song led to a really quiet and…sweet (?) way to end the episode – Liza and Falcone are bonding over the song, which Falcone’s grandmother used to sing him when he was a kid. Fish is sneaky, I’ll give her that. She’s manipulative, smart, and crazy. It almost makes me forget that she’s annoying.

You’re probably wondering where my Cobblepot mention is. Well, here you go: he’s just as incredible this episode as all the others. Jim is “invited” for a sit down with Sal Maroni to discuss Jim’s friendship with Cobblepot. I’m really loving seeing how Cobblepot is slowly rising through the ranks. He’s so unbelievably sly and devious. Love him. Overall, a good episode with a few minor irritations.

Gotham airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox!

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