Gotham City Imposters Closed Beta begins next month

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Want the chance to try out Monolith’s new Batman game? Well here’s your chance. If you head on over to the Gotham City Imposters website, there is a sign up page for a closed beta, which begins next month. Codes will be limited so you’ll have to register quickly if you want to get in. There is an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) as well but if that doesn’t put you off then you can choose multiple platforms during registration, although one would assume you’ll only get a code for one.

Gotham City Imposters is a downloadable title from Monolith (the first two FEAR games, Condemned series) scheduled for 2012 and it definitely takes a different approach to most Batman games, since you don’t actually play as Batman or any of the universe’s characters. Instead it’s an FPS where you play as either a Batman or Joker follower in a deathmatch situation. It promises a lot of customisation, crazy gadgets and weapons and has a zany art style reminiscent of something like Team Fortress 2. I have some interest in the title (and if I had XBL Gold I’d sign up for the beta) but there’s every chance it may just be another sub-standard FPS but with a sellable gimmick. Still, you should be able to get an idea of how it may turn out if you get into the beta so get signing up!

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