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Got Boobs? Borderlands 2 Wants YOU!

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You lucky women, it’s not fair that you can land a job just based on personal appearances. If you have a knack for modeling and want to be considered for a live-action model for Gearbox Studios’ Borderlands 2, then I’m doubly jealous of you.

They’re not looking for anyone in particular, but adult females (yes between the ages of 18 and 30) who bares a “plausible resemblance” to the game’s female lead, Lilith. The shoots and testing will be done during the first three weeks of this month in the Dallas, TX area.

The only thing that Gearbox wants to make sure you can do is visually emote through facial expressions since more than likely they’re going to mo-cap your face to be used in-game! Check the link out below and best of luck to our lady fans!

Lilith Casting Call

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