Alan Smithee

Google Lover, iPhone User

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I feel like I’m a traitor to my own cause. I use the hell out of Google products…yet I am a staunch iPhone user, and I can’t really think of any proper excuse.

I will attempt to state the reasons why I continue to stick with the iPhone when I’m a primarily Windows based user who only owns an iPad, iPhone, and a few older iPods. Let me state that again. I do not own any Macs, not an iMac, not a Macbook, not a Macmini, none of them.

Don’t let that fool you, I’d gladly rock a Macbook Pro, however I’d have serious issues spending the $3000 for a decent model that would be future proof for a good 2 or 3 years (I realize it’d probably last much longer than that). I realize this means that for the most part I use primarily iOS for all of my mobile products and Windows for my home computing needs, with a little Linux thrown in there for good measure.

I spend hour upon hour in Gmail each day and night, I use Drive like it’s my own personal notebook and file sharing site, and as a website owner…I can’t help but use G+ and Feedburner. Using a few of these alone on a product that is supposed to interface with them natively (aka Android) should warrant the price and the shift, however I hesitate and probably will never make the switch.

I’ll tell you the one main reason why: iTunes.

My music collection that I amassed over years and years of CD buying and ripping is easily transferable to just about any other music player, including Google Play, but with the music, there are also the movies, of which I own quite a few along with whole seasons of my favorite shows. Those DO NOT transfer easily.

Sure, it’s laziness that’s keeping me from moving over, but I can’t say it’s merely JUST laziness…there are a few minor reasons why I can’t simply swap over. One is that I started this adventure in smart phones with the good ol’ iPhone 1 like 5 years ago…so I’m extremely used to the interface and the OS. I know I know, that’s a shitty reason, but I literally feel like a half functioning autistic kid when someone hands me their Android powered device, I just don’t get it…but I don’t blame the OS, I blame the user. Which unfortunately in this case is the guy riding the keyboard, ME.

You can’t use the excuse of “too much invested in the app store” or the “Android has no apps”, those don’t float anymore when RIM and MS are now entering the market and their stores absolutely SUCK BALLS.

I’m not loyal to the brand. In fact, for all I’m concerned, customer loyalty is epic retardation in motion. There is no sense in being a fanboy for any product. The company you’re so adamantly fighting against or supporting isn’t paying you, and if someone happens to make a better product, it behooves you to switch in order to let the competition know they’re doing something right.

At least in a free market economy full of informed consumers, this would be ideal.
Bottom line is that I know how that there are merits to both and that I enjoy using the Google product, and I also enjoy my media management through iTunes. So unless you can get iTunes to work through Android, I’m essentially going to be an iOS user for quite some time.

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