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Google Glass Gets Framed

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Google-Glass-Dating-app-scriptWe are one year into the Explorer Program of Google Glass (still mad I didn’t hit the list), and today the company has released a new series of frames that are tailored more to the prescription glasses crowd.The frames are being produced in-house by Google and are being called the “Titanium Collection” due to the greyish metal color the frames tend to have, and that they’re made out of titanium which means ultra light weight. They run about $225 a piece and will work with prescription lenses, but don’t expect Google to do that for you, you’ll still have to get the lenses put in yourself…adding to the already astronomical price of Glass considering you’re $1724 in the hole for the tech + frame.However, if you have glass, you’re obviously already a person of considerable disposable income methinks.

There’s no getting around the fact that you are still trying to pull off the pseudo-cyborg look with the wearable computer on your head, but if you’re a person who wants to make it look a little bit better than stock, then this is for you. The only negative that I can see here is that the frames themselves won’t work ON THEIR OWN, meaning you have to have Glass attached to use them as prescription glasses (as the stem on the left is shorter than the right) meaning that when the battery inevitably dies on Glass, you either continue to wear the obvious tech or bring a second pair of glasses with you.

It’s a step in the right direction but the consumer release of Glass is still quite a ways off I think.

For more information about the Titanium Collection of frames, <a href=”“>check them out here</a>.

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