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Google All Access – One Month Deep

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I admit, when I first hear of people paying a monthly fee for listening to music over the Interbutts, I could entertain myself with the laughter I would have. Enter Google Play’s All-Access and me submitting faster than a first time MMA grappler.


I saw that Google was offering a free month of using the service that is normally $8 if you sign up early (until the end of June I believe) and $10 a month if you sign up after. I figured, what the hell, I trust Google’s software and Internet apps for everything else as I’m an Android user, why not give this a go…it might be good for a month then I’ll cancel.

The free month has passed and I’m currently into my second month and gladly paying for it. There’s something extremely satisfying about getting a wild hair in your mind that says “there’s no way Google has that song”, searching for it, finding it, adding it to my library, and eventually downloading it to use on my phone for times I’m not connected to the web.

In no way would I say that this service is perfect, but for a 1.0 app launch, the selection and navigation is easy as pie. Just when you think that they don’t have the song you’re looking for, you’ll find it. I give supreme credit to Google and their mastery of search functions.

I can’t count the amount of times in the last month where I’ve found myself doing the type of “follow the white rabbit” style of listening akin to that of the hours lost on YouTube doing the same thing. Each artist is linked to other artists, and the vast ocean of music that is out there.

A few surprises for me have included recently:

The original Tron OST
Azis “Kazvam Ti Stiga”
Snapcase Progression Through Unlearning
Freezepop “Brainpower”
Prozzak “Strange Disease”
Barthezz “Infected”

Now not all of these are RARE albums or songs, but when you think that some of the more eclectic choices in your music selection weren’t easy to come along in the first place, having Google say “here I’ve got that, and you might like THIS,” is simply flooring. Just tonight I was searching for the OST for Empire of the Sun because I wanted to hear our lord and saviour Christian Bale sing, I instead come across a band with the same name from Australia that I’ve fallen in love with.

If I ever need to justify it to myself as to why I pay $8 a month, all I need to do is find ONE cd that month that I would have normally bought or paid twice as much for and I’m golden. For the free month it was hearing Daft Punk’s newest Random Access Memories right at midnight during its release and this month…is the Tron OST I stumbled across.

There is probably only one thing that I wish it did better and harder and that would be including Japanese releases, but I can understand that not everyon who uses this is a giant weeaboo. So, I’m willing to concede that.

Am I happy, yes. Do I wish I didn’t have to pay a monthly, yes. But this is the way of the future and I’m glad to be jumping on during a time where I can listen cheaper than most.

For you iOS users, you should be able to use the service through your browser since it’s built using HTML5 and CSS3, but they will be releasing an app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch sometime soon.

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