Goodnight Mommy May Be the Best Horror Movie of 2015

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Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian horror film from writer/directors Severin Fiala, and Veronika Franz. It stars Susanne Wuest as the titular mommy and twin brothers Lukas and Elias Schwartz as Lukas and Elias. 

Set in a very modern house in the middle of nowhere Goodnight Mommy has an ambiance about it that could only be achieved by a talented cinematographer and quality 35mm film. The cool color tones, and rich blacks draw you into a shared isolation with the three main characters. Everything about this movie draws you in before it plunges you into madness.  

Relatively new comers (this is their first full length feature) Fiala, and Franz are immensely impressive right off the bat. The imagery used, the pacing, the feel they create with the angles they use is pure art. While not always perfect I have to say this is above average compared to most masters of horrors first entry into the genre. 

Almost as endearing as the movie was watching the woman (a fellow journalist) in the row in front of me squirm, squeal, and gasp during the screening.It has some absolute cringe worthy moments for sure. These aren’t the typical jump scares, but unflinching acts of cruelty. That even made me twist in my seat.

This movie isn’t perfect. It seems familiar to three or four of my favorite foreign horror films. Normally that’d take me out of the film. Somehow it doesn’t stop it from being brilliant and worth watching though. So far it’s my favorite horror movie of 2015.

If you’re in Seattle it will play at the SIFF Cinema’s starting today September 25th. Please check google for your local screenings.    

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