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Goodbye ‘Greek’

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That’s right folks, this is probably the last time you’ll have me talking about this show. I know that at least my favorite zombie writer converted to a Greek fan, why didn’t you?

The reason this is the last is only because on Monday night the series finale aired, and as far as my experiences with finales goes it’s up there as one that made the most sense. We got to see the cumulative story lines get tied up, and really the amount of questions that left you wondering were just ‘Well, I wonder how the rest of their lives end up”. I could tell that this episode probably wasn’t intended to be a SERIES finale at the original conception, it had mid-season or season finale written all over it. It’s just seems in this case things had to be shuffled to close out the show.

This episode was mostly focused on Kappa Tau trying to save their house from being destroyed and the brothers broken up to dissolve the fraternity. We get to find out who Villian X is, and it was the guy that I called from the start.

Ah hell, I’m tired of speaking in code, from now on, this is just a huge spoiler post.

I knew it was Pledge Spidys dad that was the mastermind behind taking down his former frat house to donate his ‘legacy’ to CRU in the form of a new athletic complex. The guy had ‘douchebag’ written all over his face from the outset, or maybe it was the shifty eyes. I’m glad that Rusty and Ashleigh finally just decided that dating each other was an obvious choice, score one huge point for the nerd scoring the hot chick (Amber Stevens). Cappie graduated? This is one of the things I think got thrown in for the whole closure thing, along with him and Casey (who now dropped out of law school) deciding to just move to Washington DC with no jobs, housing, or seemingly anything packing to a small car to start a new life? I still could have cared less how Evan and douche bag Dale ended up, hooray for them?

Rusty stepping up to lead Kappa Tau after their house was destroyed, thus freeing Cappie of the responsibility of president, was a culmination of what every geek who felt left out has wanted to acheive. He was able to find himself and shed the loner and awkwardness part of his past to become a more rounded individual. Yeah, he was my favorite character, I wonder why?

I’m still a little sad that this silly show that my wife and I stumbled upon a couple of years ago won’t be on my DVR anymore. We had a great time watching this campy show about college life that I would never have wanted to live in the first place, well, maybe, if I was going to this college. It was a fun time while it lasted, and I hope you guys that have Netflix check out the instant streaming of Season 1 on that service. Just give it a shot, you’ll have fun, I sure as hell know we did.

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