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Good Old Games: Holy Crap, This Is Awesome

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If you lurk the internets as much as I do, you’ve probably heard about Good Old Games. If you haven’t, GOG is Polish developer CD Projekt’s foray into the wonderful world of digital distribution. This wonderful little website sells old PC games, filling the niche of providing hard to find relics of the past. Since they have opened up their doors for a closed beta that I was able to get myself into, I thought I would see if CD Projekt can live up to the expectations that I and the rest of the internet have put on them. Thankfully, I found they went above and beyond.

GOG really has 3 big selling points. One, their games are reasonably priced. We’re talking most games for $5.99, with a few “newer” games for $9.99. Second, the games are tinkered with by CD Projekt so that they work perfectly in XP and Vista. Last, and certainly not least, all of GOG’s games are DRM free. This last bullet point is worth noting. DRM has become a very heated issue for gamers, with most of them completely against it. By supplying DRM-free games, GOG sells you the game, and calls it good. No maximum installs, ala Spore, and no annoying cd-checks or serial keys.

When I first logged into GOG I was very excited about buying Fallout 2. I am a huge fan of the Fallout series, and played the games over and over again when I was a kid. Unfortunately, over the years I lost my Fallout 2 discs. I was able to find a copy on Bittorrent, but it was a huge pain to get working on Windows XP. The solution: GOG presented me with a legitimate way to get my hands on a working copy of Fallout 2 for 5.99. I quickly purchased it, along with Descent 3, another favorite from my childhood. Much to my surprise, after I had purchased the game I saw this:

GOG Downloads

Fucking awesome.

I had no idea at the time, but GOG not only sells you the game, but also all this “additional stuff”. I was overjoyed to see the Fallout 2 soundtrack on there. If, for some insane reason I can’t think of, you think 5.99 was too much for Fallout 2 or Descent 3, check out the extras. The PDF manual is a scan of the original manual that is very professional looking. The soundtracks sound great, and the training video for Descent 3 reminded me how goddamn hard that game is. The install for these games was also very quick and easy, just click the big “install” button and off it goes.

If that isn’t enough for you, GOG also has a community forum with specific forums for each game. I browsed through these forums and saw that a few people were having issues. Every issue I saw had a response from a GOG staffer within 15 minutes. This may be because of the beta, but I was still impressed with the level of service and knowledge that the GOG staff showed on the forums.

GOG has completely blown my expectations out of the water. If you are looking for old PC games, GOG is definitely going to be the place. As of right now, all the games are either Interplay or Codemaster games, but CD Projekt has promised more games will be coming out as they become available. There’s even a rumor that they may be putting up some of the old LucasArts adventure games. Monkey Island, anyone? If you’re interested, they are still accepting email addresses for the closed beta, which runs until September 22. My final verdict:

pipboy approved

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