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Good News MMO Fans

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Hmmm, didn't know that ebonics was the national language of Angmar

Arguably, Lord of the Rings Online was a success, yet a failure at the same time. It didn’t have quite the draw that World of Warcraft had, but it sold enough and has enough people paying monthly to keep the lights on over at Turbine for quite a while. They have taken a page out of Champions Online book and have started offering lifetime memberships for the reasonable price of $199.

I’m not an MMO player, but if more companies that make these games would take an example of how to entice their players a bit more serious, then I might actually give it a second thought. I mean, I can play Hello Kitty Online only for so long before I start to feel like I’m doing something wrong. If I ever made the transition to a pay-to-play MMO, it would have to offer a lifetime membership, or at least bonuses of some sort for signing up for a multi-month pass.

That’s exactly what these guys have done. There is a new expansion coming out on the 1st of December for LotRO called Siege of Mirkwood that will run you $19.99 just for the DLC, or you can get the ‘Adventurers Pack’ which comes with a few in-game goodies for $39.99. However, if you’re already a player or were a player, you can get the $20 expansion just for signing up for a multi-month pass. That’s pretty damn cool if you ask me.

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