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Good News Everyone! Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still Alive

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with an image like that, you can't help but giggle.

There were rampant rumors last week that the creator of the first Beyond Good & Evil, Michael Ansel, was quitting Ubisoft and was going to be creating his own studio. This rumor dashed the hopes of hundred if not thousands (myself included) that the much anticipated sequel to the amazing Xbox and PS2 game would be coming out…thankfully this wasn’t true.

Eurogamer thankfully has enough clout with Ubisoft and asked the difficult questions for all of us and has confirmed that BG&E2 is still in development and that Michael Ansel is still very much employed with the French company.

So all of you gamers out there need to chill the fuck out and quit making me worry that the sequel to one of the better gaming experiences I’ve ever had isn’t happening.


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