Alan Smithee

Good Christ iPhone Fans, Seriously?

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If you’re in the Apple community, then you have to make sure you always have the best and biggest that the company has to offer but in my humble of humblest of opinions, the iPhone 4S just isn’t worth the upgrade if you already have the iPhone 4.

My opinion doesn’t stand for shit obviously since over 200,000 people have pre-ordered the phone within the first 12 hours of the phone going up for pre-sale. The crazy thing is that number is solely for the customers on the AT&T network! That’s balls!

We can’t provide numbers for Verizon and the newly co-opted Sprint, but even if they were half that of the AT&T phone we’d be seeing almost half-a-million units headed out before it’s even physically available.

Even Apple’s initial stock they have has ran out, forcing the company to place people on a mandatory 1-2 week waiting list. Analysts, primed with this information, have speculated that we should expect to see Apple push out around 28 million in just the October-December timeframe. Of course the biggest spike will be when the iPhone launched on the 14th of this month.

I hate to admit, but I would probably trade up if they offered the phone with an upgrade amnesty, but seeing how AT&T likes their money taken straight out of the anus, that’ll probably not happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the iPhone 5 to come out sooner or later.


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