Go Joe! The Action Continues in GI Joe #4 – Review

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Issue 4 of Cobra Civil War: GI Joe really picks up the pace of the series. On the unfortunate side it means there are now four separate storylines to follow and it gets a bit confusing. It’s only issue four and you already will be lost if you are just now jumping in. To try and help you out if you haven’t read the first three here is a brief recap of the storylines.

1 – General Hawk and Dial Tone (who as an action figure was a communications guy with a little Frenchy mustache and as a comic character is a communications gal with a figure, you’ve got to love creative license) begin the process of setting up a new Pit (the Joe HQ).

2 – Flint and Scarlett also start the process of setting up a new Joe HQ. I got a little lost on this one, I thought Flint was hunting down Storm Shadow but now Tunnel Rat is hunting Storm and Flint is playing house. I’ll have to wait and see where this goes and why the two HQs.

3 – Duke, Road Block and others are hunting down Cobra bio weapons and in Duke’s case he gets a real first hand look at what Cobra can do.

4 – Storm Shadow and Zartan escape from the destroyed Pit and try to evade capture by the Joes.

Even with the confusion I am still really liking the series. There are Joes in turmoil but Cobra is still in turmoil as well. IDW’s website is actually tracking how many Joes and Cobras have eaten it and people are being lost on both sides as the battle to determine the next Cobra Commander continues.

I like that the series stays true to most of the history of GI Joe, in most cases if you remember Duke or Snake Eyes or even some of the more obscure characters like Lifeline or Shipwreck from the toys or cartoon you will recognize them here (Dial Tone being the first notable exception). However, writer Chuck Dixon has made the world far more real for the Joes and Cobra both and you almost start to think something like this could really be happening in the world (hey, I said almost).

So even if you aren’t old like me and have no history with the series this is a great time to jump in, the battle to determine the next Cobra Commander can only get better.

STORY: 86%
ART: 90%

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