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Was your childhood potentially molested or stolen when you played the demo of or wasted $15 on Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1? If so, you might want to cheer yourself up with this demo for Sonic Fan Remix. The result of a few months work from Pelikan13 as they are known on the Sonic Retro forum, SFR is a Sonic game built from scratch using the Unity engine, if I’m to trust the demo. While the zone in the demo is a re-imagining of Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2, there are plenty of changes to the level design (it’s spread over 3 acts rather than 2) and the theme of the zone has had a massive overhaul thanks to today’s graphical capabilities. Unlike Sonic 4, the physics felt completely right and I was actually having fun playing it. No wonky physics, homing attacks or uninspired level design, just pure Sonic bliss. My only worries were that while the graphics are stunning, they sometimes overlap each over too much, making it difficult to spot enemies while you’re rolling through all those loops .The enemy placements for the new parts of each level also leave a little to be desired when they cause you to lose rings after making one small mistake in your run. That being said, I had to play it on the lowest settings at 640×400 just to get it run smoothly so it might just be me (Who needs a gaming capable PC/laptop, all donations to my world domination fund). Despite some little niggles, it’s great to have something that plays like the classics and there’s plenty of times to iron out any problems. It’s just ironic that a demo for a fan game, that isn’t even a ROM hack of the classics, is better than anything Sonic Team has ever made over the past few years. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it’s progress here at WPR. You can download the demo via a torrent or a direct download from this mirror here.

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