Alan Smithee

Go Ahead, Share That HBO Go Account

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In a very forward thinking way, HBO just showed the rest of the industry how it should be done.

Richard Pleper, CEO of HBO said in a recent interview that:

“It presents the brand to more and more people and gives them an opportunity, hopefully, to become addicted to it. What we’re in the business of is building addicts, building video addicts, and the way we do that is exposing our product and our shows and our brand to more and more people.

To me the fact that he brazenly tosses around addict a few times up there scares me a bit. When I think of it, he’s pretty much right when it comes down to it. The entertainment industry seems to have learned a ton from the drug trade. Give the people a taste for free then reel ’em in with cost in tow. Though if you think about it…HBO makes its money via subscription via expensive cable bundles, not through their Go service, so sharing Go with your family and friends wouldn’t effect their bottom line in the slightest.

It’s interesting to say the least, but the old model of cable television and their making you get every damn channel to watch just one will eventually go the way of the dodo in favor of an a la carte method, just you wait and see.

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