Gmail Wants Your Drunk Ass To Leave It Alone

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I really can’t decide what side of awesome and/or nifty this falls under. Some of the Gmail devs have created an app for Gmail called Mail Goggles that blocks you from sending an email if you can’t do a few math problems in a 60-second time limit. The devs don’t specifically state what its for, but it’s to keep you drunk fucks from sending emails like the following when you’re not thinking right:

To your boss: Look ashole, I’ve desserved a raise for a loooong fucking time now, and im going to submitt the video of me and your old woman to YouPorn if you dont stop bing such a prick.

To Nigerian scammers: DOOOOOD! I wil totaly help you out. My bank accout # is 0882216883, HOOK A BROTHA UPP!

To your dad: Dad, I’m gay.

To your girlfriend: Babe, I’m gay.

The point is, this is a pretty neat way to keep people from sending drunk emails, but who really drunk emails these days? I would think it would much rather be useful to stop drunk texting, dialing, and Facebooking. If you think you can use this, all you have to do is go to the Settings tab in Gmail, then to Labs, and activate Mail Goggles. Careful though, if Drunk You finds out Sober You fucked him over, he is probably going to be that much harsh on your collective liver.

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