GJAIF Is Pretty Much Over

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Started just a few months ago, Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits was launched . It aimed to, as the creator of the blog, Ben Paddon, puts it “scouring gaming news sites for dumb shit.” Over the months the blog has posted countless links to some, quite frankly, shocking examples of work from what could be considered respected gaming websites. However, Paddon is already sick of all of the shit he is constantly finding and has called an end to the blog, with a bit of a rant about the state of “Games Journalism” as well. The idea of the blog isn’t quite as dead as Paddon will still use the GameJournos Twitter account, but there will be pretty much be no more updates on the Tumblr blog.

It was always an interesting place and also a very polarising one. One the one hand there were a lot of genuine examples of what you would call “bad Games Journalism” and it showed from an outsider’s point of view how some gaming blogs have gone really downhill in recent times. On the other hand, too many people may have “accepted the blog as gospel truth, which in the end would be no better than the mindless drones that follow many of the big gaming websites. There was also the question as to whether it was doing anything to actually solve the troubles of “Games Journalism” rather than just complaining about them. Either way, it’ll be sad to see it go but life goes on.

What did you think of GJAIF?

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