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We are giving away a free copy of DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History!

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DC Comics is celebrating almost 80 years of the world’s most corrupt characters and we want you to have a piece of it.

That’s right, we’ve got a copy of this book (retail – $50) to send to you, as long as you live within the United States! If you’ve been wanting to bolster your knowledge about all of the bad guys that you’ve been reading (or not reading) then we’ve got your hookup.

All you have to do is one of two things. Go to our Facebook page and Like us there, and leave a comment on this here status update. OR, you can leave a comment here on this page answering us this. “Who is the greatest DC Villain, but more importantly, WHY?” The person who leaves the answer that we enjoy the most and really shows your knowledge about the character will be our winner!

Winners will be selected, Thursday, October 30th in the AM. Or, if you don’t win and want to buy the book regardless, you can do so on Amazon: DC Comics: Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History

DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History (Insight Editions, October 2014)by Daniel Wallace celebrates nearly eighty years of compellingly corrupt characters from the DC Comics universe’s remarkable gallery of Super-Villains. From The Penguin to Harley Quinn, Doomsday to General Zod, it explores the creation and evolution of each of these notorious nemeses through new interviews with acclaimed writers and artists, including Jim Lee, Mike Carlin, Dan DiDio, and Chuck Dixon.

Featuring a foreword by filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith, and an exclusive cover illustrated by acclaimed artist Phil Jimenez, DC Comics: Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History brings together the very best Super-Villain art from the DC Comics archives. Visually arresting and completely comprehensive, DC Comics: Super-Villains is the ultimate celebration of the nefarious characters that fans love to hate.

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