Girl complains and gets some sweet swag from Visceral Games

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What would you do if your dog knocked over your 360 or PS3 and damaged whatever game you were playing at the time of the incident? Would you curse at the dog? Maybe you would cry or maybe you would just stare in disbelief. This happened recently to a girl named Ashley who was apparently a pretty big Dead Space fan. What she chose to do, was tweet about her misfortune and her pain did not go unfelt. Visceral Games’ art director, Ian Milham came across Ashley’s tweets, got her address from her, and proceeded to surprise the lucky lady with some nice swag. She received a new copy of Dead Space 2 littered with the signatures of the development team and a pretty cool one of a kind drawing. In the picture you can see Issac reprimanding the dog with an Xbox 360 on the ground between them.

This is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen a company do for one of their fans. It makes me want to go right out and buy myself a copy of Dead Space 2 just to support such cool people. This renews my faith in the American dream of getting something for nothing. I am going to start tweeting about everything I lose from now on and hope that someone gives me some free stuff!

You can read the whole account of the sad ordeal and sweet reward on the girl’s blog. Nice one Visceral Games, you are some swell fellas.

Via: Reddit

Source: things you should know about me

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