Giant-Size Podcast: Shit We Talked About in Episode IX

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We tend to drop a lot of names and titles on Giant-Size Podcast.  We want listeners that are new to comics to feel welcomed along with us old-dogs.  We started up this little feature so you, dear listener, can get your homework on; it is fun homework though–promise.  Here’s a few of the things we talked about in Episode IX (including a fact check on some incredibly erroneous sales figures that came out of Nick’s mouth):

Frank Frazetta

HTML Comics Shutdown

Scott Lobdell’s Scourge

-Fact Check:  Nick was way off on his Savage Dragon sales estimates.  For instance, here are the numbers and monthly ranking of Larsen’s book for October 2009 (Via The Comic Chronicles):

Savage Dragon #153, Monthly sales: 6,567

Maybe Mr. Larsen had said 150,000 downloads (not 1.5 million)?  We’ve asked Mr. Larsen via Twitter what the real numbers were.  We’ll post an update when he lets us know.

-The Plutonian from Irredeemable:

-Ryan Ottley will be at Black Cat Comics Saturday, May 15th.  The fun starts at 11:00 am.

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