GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode XII, “If Nick Can’t Stay on Topic… Puppies!”

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Greg plays guitar (but croons much better). Sam says the line, “Some bitch putting on Queen Amidala makeup is sitting in her spot!” Nick, who is usually the moderator, gets moderated by Greg.

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This week we review Joker’s Asylum: Harley Quinn One-Shot, Four Eyes #4, and New Mutants #14, with a Half-Assed-Backwards appearance by Detective Comics Special Edition: Batwoman #854.

[gplayer href=”″]GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode XI, “If Nick Can’t Stay on Topic… Puppies!”[/gplayer]

Shit we talked about:
Comic Book 101: Trade paperbacks and graphic novels
The Walking Dead television series
Neil Gaiman dishes the dirt on “Vs. McFarlane”
Green Hornet Trailer
Harley Quinn
X-Men crossovers

This week the panel recommends you read: Amazing Spiderman (get it almost weekly from Black Cat Comics), Ex-Machina (get the trades from that socialist bookstore called “the library”), and BPRD vol. 4.

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