GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: EPISODE XI, “Disturbing Deadpool Queens”

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Sam is pregnant. Greg beats Nick to the 70’s porn reference. And we also review comic books!

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This week we review Tales Designed to Thrizzle #6, Elecrtic Ant #3, War of the Supermen #4, with a Half-Assed-Backwards appearance by Jonah Hex #1. And stick around after the end credits for Adam’s Superman Minute!

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Shit we talked about:

Nolan on Superman
CBR- All Zombies Revealed
Marvel Same Day Digital
Weapon X or Weapon 10
Break the Fourth Wall
Fletcher Hanks
Philip K. Dick
Identity Crisis
Old Man Logan
Emo El

Suggested Reading: X-Men Second Coming, Thunderbolts #131, Captain America “Winter Soldier,” I Zombie #1, The Boys Vol. 1, and don’t become a billing specialist! (You won’t have time to read comics.)

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