GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode X, “The Breakfast Mercs”

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Greg gives Superman some love. Nick and Sam discover the passion they have for each other. Guest-starring Mr. Chris Hoffman.

This week we review Avengers #1, Zatanna #1, and Kill Shakespeare #2, with a Half-Assed-Backwards appearance by The Expendables #1.

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Shit We Talked About (Hit for links):

Banana Panic
Thundercats writer missing
Hoffman on the news
Donald Pierce
Jiro Tamase
Ka-blam printing
John Romita Jr.
Paul Dini
Tike Alicar is “The Anarchist” (How’d we forget that one?)
Mike Allred
Suggested reading: Invincible Iron ManAmerican Vampire,  Atomic Robo (Paul Ens), Captain America.

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