GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode III, “Chris Clairemont’s Variant Holofoil Rub-out”

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UMMMM, I have no idea what's happening in this picture, but I find it awesome.

Poor Sam can’t be heard, but if you turn up the audio all his lines are golden! We’ll fix that next time. Greg drinks coffee and beer and references 80’s porn-stars (the usual). Nick waxes poetic and tries to fight Greg about the iPad. Chris Claremont “rubs one out” in your eye.

    This week’s reviewed comics

  • Siege #2
  • Justice Society of America Annual #2
  • Demo #1
  • Half-Assed-Backwards: Deadpool Team-up #896

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[gplayer href=”″]GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode III, “Chris Clairemont’s Variant Holofoil Rub-out”[/gplayer]

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