GIANT-SIZE PODCAST: Episode VIII, “Beer, Chips, Mormons, and Tube-Goo”

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christ, rob liefeld...your artwork is complete fail...

Nick reminds us he’s a Mormon. Greg eats a lot of chips. Sam is more prepared than everybody. Guest starring Chad Rogers and Alicia Carlson.

This week’s reviews: Crossed: Family Values #1, Savage She-Hulks #2, The Brave and the Bold #33, with a half-assed appearance by Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield, One-Shot.

Shit we talked about
  • Phil Jimenez Twitter
  • J.M. DeMatteis’s “Creation Point”
  • Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis- know the difference!
  • This ICP video sure is making the internet rounds. We might as well do our part
  • M.O.D.O.K. How could you not be excited by just hearing his name?
  • Greg has a crush on Marjorie Liu
  • Liefeld’s “Bitch Tits” Captain America
  • Media Whore Network
  • PROPHET: Big muscles, small head, super-long legs, and a baseball mitt on his face
  • Forbush Man
  • [gplayer href=”,%20_Beer,%20Chips,%20Mormons,%20and%20Tube-Goo_-1.mp3″]Giant-Size Podcast Episode VIII – Beer, Chips, Mormons, and Tube-Goo[/gplayer]

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