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Giant MEH From Fumito Ueda

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The creator of two of gaming’s best examples (Shadow of the Colossus and Ico) gave an interview with LEVEL that revealed that ultimately he feels farily ‘MEH’ about two of the biggest sellers of both 2007 and 2008, Super Mario Galaxy and GTAIV respectively.


His feelings about Super Mario Galaxy aren’t what you’d expect considering that there were tons of people up in arms about Shigeru Miyamoto taking ‘inspiration’ from Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda just said:

“Yes I have played it, it was hard to not to since it was rumored that Miyamoto-san was inspired by me. But I had expected more, that segment, was like the rest of the game not so fun as it could had been. I think the fans made a big deal out of nothing when they said Miyamoto had stolen from me. The thing I am critical over isn’t that they didn’t borrow anything that isn’t unique for my game, but that they didn’t make more fun stages out of it,”

Ouch, pretty damn-ing words about one of the most beloved games of this generation.


On to Grand Theft Auto IV, Ueda-san was bored with the gaming though impressed with the graphics:

“The biggest problem with the game is the lack of innovative things in the game. The graphic style impresses, but not the base premise, which is exactly the same as the predecessors.”

I can’t complain, I enjoyed the game but it was pretty much like the other games…then again most games are copies of others. What the hell else would one expect from a GTA game?

Pretty big words from Ueda, but if his newest game in development fails to satisfy, just imagine what other developers would say about it. Careful Fumi-baby, those who live in glass houses…

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