Ryan Thomason

Getting Off: A Novel of Sex and Violence – Book Review

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Ok yeah, you can judge this book by its cover.

In case you can’t guess, this book is about a sexy lady who likes to have sex, and then kill the guy. She’s our very own human version of the female praying mantis. Except that she makes a list of the “ones that got away” hunts them down and kills them good and proper. Normally I don’t read pulpy crime novels, this being the first one, ever. I have to say though, I was sucked in. Every chapter is a new “kill” so to speak and yes, she’s very sexually active so this is obviously a book that is for Adults. Again, look at the cover to determine if your kid should read it.

I had fun with this book, it was a welcome new arena for me to break into and away from my usual assortment of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Lawrence Block (writing as his female pen name Jill Emerson) is a very, very highly credited and awarded author, Getting Off proves that. Each chapter was nearly it’s own stand alone short story that left just enough to make you have to read the next chapter to see what was going to happen next. It was entertaining, delightfully made me squirm in the seat and come on, just look at that cover and tell me you can’t purchase it.

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