Alan Smithee

Get Your Tyranid On

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As if the news we had a few weeks ago about the Eldar being a playable race in the new Dawn of War II: Retribution wasn’t enough, we now know that the third playable race that will be available during the single player campaign will be none other than the Tyranids.

That’s right! It’s time for the Genestealers, Lichtors, and Carnifex to roll all over the Imperium of Man, and just about anything else they come across.

THQ sent us an email earlier today to let us know the good news about these guys being in DoW2:R and I immediately jumped all over it…though after watching the video and reading the email, I immediately got depressed because I will probably never own a computer good enough to play this damned game. You don’t need much, but I have a hard time with Half-Life 2 still!

The game comes out sometime in Q1 of 2011 (still no firm release date) and looks to be the Real-Time Strategy game to rival Starcraft 2. I can’t wait to see this game in action on someone’s much faster and better computer.

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