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Get your tissues New York and San Francisco iPhone users

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Apple SadIt’s looking like the rumors that Apple and AT&T were going to disconnect their relationship while everyone was standing around in a circle getting hot and buttered about the iPad release are faltering.

AT&T’s 3G Network as the only carrier of the iPhone, has been assaulted in the big cities and elsewhere  by users soaking up bandwidth with Apps and Internet browsing. When the iPhone was initially released, Apple thought they would take somewhere around 1-3% of the smart phone pie. When in reality, they garnered somewhere around 15% since the release, and that has been the reason AT&T is taking such a hard hit on its data network and is scrambling to expand it capabilities.  Though, now it is looking more and more like Apple is ignoring the bad news, PR, and angry customers and sticking with its guns and standing by the side of AT&T with the announcement of the 3G iPad deal.  I don’t think you’ll be getting any unlocked iPhones anytime soon my friends.

I’m guessing Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobil are thrilled on this news, having their own networks assaulted by millions of fleeing AT&T iPhone customers would have exposed just how unprepared all of the major networks are for a device that has so much power and capability.  If the iphone, and whatever competing phones out there are the new wave of must haves, all of the phone networks are going to get a big reality check when they find out that years of under developing and ignoring their network capabilities as the next generation of phones were brought to life comes to bite them where it really hurts.  Of course, it’s in their pocket books.  I don’t even want to know how much it is going to cost to have to upgrade on such a large scale in a short amount of time when it could have all been avoided if they had planned ahead.  So, sorry you big city folk with your fancy phones, it looks like you’re stuck with more dropped calls and myriad of other problems.

I’ll be just fine with my free phone I get for signing up on whatever network I choose.

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