Get Your Nighvision Goggles with the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2

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Limited edition releases are getting more and more popular with some of the big name releases and now it just seems like there is a contest for who can put the best gift into their box set.  Modern Warfare 2 has taken my prize for the most outlandish collectors edition gift with the inclusion of a fully working pair of Night Vision Goggles in the Prestige edition of the game. Right now, there’s no price point for the Prestige edition, but we do know that the the Collectors Edition which includes an art book, tin case, a download code for the Call of Duty ‘Classic’ (released on PSN, XBLA and PC at the same time as Modern Warfare 2) will run you $79.99.  The Prestige pack comes with everything listed for the Collector’s edition plus a sculpt of the head of ‘Soap’ MacTavish so you can display your Night Vision Goggles in your room in order to show off how badass you are.  I’ll be interested to see if these actually work, unfortunately in the video below Infinity Ward community manger Rob Bowling doesn’t show what the goggle look like when they are switched on.   I’m very tempted with these but I doubt we’ll ever see a release in the UK, if these do get a release over here expect to see me playing Modern Warfare 2 in night vision this November.

Update: The Presige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 will run you $149 USD. Still 2x more useful than the ‘cat-helmet’ edition of Halo 3 I picked up.

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