Get Your Meaty Hands On Super Meat Boy’s Level Editor Today

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The beta for the Super Meat Boy Level Editor just went live on Steam. As well as the level editor, the update also includes being able to rate user-made Super Meat World levels, being able to upload single levels to SMW and the ability to create full chapters for SMW.

The level editor can create anything in Super Meat Boy other than bosses and warp zones and it can be accessed via the tools section on your Steam Library. Of course, the best part is that the level editor is completely free, provided you’ve bought the game, which you have. You better have. If you hadn’t gathered, this is only for the PC version of the game. The 360 version cannot legally have a non-regulated level editor apparently.

Other updates are that the Mac version of Super Meat Boy is currently being worked on, and that once that is finished, Team Meat will start working on their next game. Exciting!

Source: Team Meat Blog

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