Ryan Thomason

Get Your Dick Fix on Encore

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Moby Dick that is. Geez, get your head out of the gutter people, this is classic literature fancy stuff going on here!

August 1st (This coming Monday) Encore will be airing a it’s first mini-series in a 2 parter (concludes August 2nd) on the famous book of the same name. Why August 1st? Herman Melville, the brilliant mind behind the classic novel Moby Dick, was born on August 1, 1819.

The show stars William Hurt (The Accidental Tourist, Broadcast News) as the infamous Captain Ahab and Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Gattaca) as his first mate Starbuck. They are joined by Gillian Anderson (“The X Files”) as Ahab’s wife Elizabeth, Donald Sutherland (“MASH”, Ordinary People) as Father Mapple, and Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto) as the fear-inspiring harpooner Queequeg.

In 1850, Nantucket is the center of the whaling industry. For Ishmael, Pip, and Queequeg, it’s the beginning of a perilous journey aboard Captain Ahab’s Pequod. A veteran whale hunter who lost his leg to Moby Dick, Ahab wants revenge. And when the crew is crippled by hunger, Ahab’s bitterness becomes clear. He’ll stop at nothing to kill his nemesis. A literary classic, Melville’s Moby Dick is reimagined on screen in an epic tale of vengeance.

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