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Get a Sneak Peek at Arrow “Streets of Fire”

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Thea…….I am your father.
Malcolm Merlyn is back!! Yup that’s right, John Barrowman has returned to Arrow just in time to see Deathstroke’s final plan unfold. Whether Merlyn has arrived to help Oliver and Starling City, or assist in their demise is just one of many questions that will be answered over the final two episodes of Arrow. My guess is that his arrival will involve some nefarious, but tempting, offer for Thea, which given everything she’s been through lately, might be an offer she can’t refuse. Besides the return of Malcolm Merlyn, this week’s “Street’s of Fire” looks like it will be bringing all the major season two story-lines to a head, setting the stage for one heck of an epic season finale featuring the much anticipated Slade Wilson vs. Oliver Queen showdown. Working hard to make sure everyone’s excitement level reaches a fever pitch, The CW has released a special spoiler-free clip of “Streets of Fire” along with the usual extended trailer and episode photos. Which of course means we have them ready for all our reader’s viewing pleasure. Check them out and let us know what you think!!
Streets of Fire
Streets of Fire
Check out the episode clip…

..and here’s the full episode preview

Put on your favorite hood and join me in watching “Streets of Fire” Wednesday, May 7th on the CW

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