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Get in the Charitable Spirit for Childs Play!

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If you haven’t heard of it, Childs Play is a charity setup by the good folks at Penny Arcade. Every year it raises Millions of dollars that goes toward buying video games and such for various childrens hospitals around the world. If you have a soul and want to help kids who are sick and need a great distraction from the pain and scariness of being in a hospital here is a way for you to help. Wizards of the Coast is donating money based on the attendance of their M11 Launch Parties. Now, I’ll let you know how you can help a bunch of kids just by being a body in a room.

First, you click here to find a store near you that is having a launch party.

Then, you show up at the party with all of your friends.

Good job you great Samaritan you! You’re an excellent contribution to society and you’re helping out a great cause. Come on, it’s not that hard, and while your there, you can have some fun meeting people and playing card games. Guys. you’ll earn brownie/awesome points with the ladies. When they blow your date off, tell them it didn’t matter because you forgot you’re going to a huge charity fundraiser that night anyways, and helping out sick children is a higher priority than getting blue balls.

Now is the time to help out Childs Play, show up, participate, have fun, when it’s all over. Find out here how you can keep that awesome feeling and donate more.

To celebrate the launch of Magic 2011 Wizards of the Coast is hosting M11 Launch Parties around the globe and will determine a donation amount based on attendance at these parties. If 40,000 people attend, Wizards of the Coast will donate $11,000. For each additional 1,000 attendees Wizards of the Coast will donate $1,100 up to $22,000 (50,000 attendees).

By attending your local launch party, you can celebrate the release of an exciting new product AND help make a difference in the lives of children across the country. The event will last the entire weekend globally, starting at 12:00am July 16th in New Zealand and running through 11:59pm July 19th in Hawaii.

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