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Get your first look at Barry Allen in Arrow’s “The Scientist” Preview

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Here in a Flash…….

This Wednesday the Flash is finally coming to Starling City. Ok, that’s not entirely true. The Flash is no longer coming to Arrow this season as reported earlier, he’ll be to busy making a pilot for his own future CW series, but the good news is we are still getting Barry Allen and his Flash origin story. The mid-season two part finale that introduces Barry Allen to the Arrow Universe starts this week, and if the preview is any indication, its gonna be a pretty exciting next couple episodes. Something tells me that we will also finally get to see the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle accelerator that the show has been hinting to all season long, pretty sure with accelerator in the name it’s gonna have something to do with Barry Allen’s transformation into the Flash. With “The Scientist” airing in only two days, we’ll all be getting answers soon enough. I know that I’ve had this date circled on my calendar ever since I first heard about the Flash coming, but what about you? Are you as excited as this writer/fanboy is to see Barry Allen? Watch the trailer and sound off below!!!

“The Scientist” airs this Wednesday, Dec 4th on the CW

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