Get Comic Jumper for 400 points on Friday

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If you’ve been waiting for this game to go on sale, now is your chance.Comic Jumper is just one of the deals available on Friday for one day only, down from its normal asking price of 1200 spacebucks. Other deals on April Fools day will include the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, also at 400 spacebucks, the Deadliest Warrior game (WHO IS DEADLIEST!) for a very cheap 200 spacebucks and finally the Fable 3 Understone DLC, also for 200 spacebucks.

On sale for all of this week are:

A World of Keflings – 400 spacebucks
Worms 2: Armageddon – 400 spacebucks
Worms 2: Battle Pack – 400 spacebucks
Raskulls – 400 spacebucks

1200 spacebucks may have been asking some people too much for Comic Jumper, but at 400 spacebucks it’s a steal. The Deadliest Warrior game also seems worth checking out for that cheap asking price too, although that may be alluding to its quality. Either way, you should totally read me and Ryan Wilson’s Comic Jumper review from last year in the meantime.

Source: Major Nelson

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