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GeekDad Report: Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX Kid-Con

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The Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience (FanX) is fast approaching and passes are selling fast.  That means one thing for GeekDads (and GeekMoms), it is time to make a very important decision (assuming you have not already made the right decision).  Do you bring your kids to the Con, or leave them home under the watchful eye of Grandma Sophie?  The answer may seem obvious, it may feel natural, ditch the kids, and go have fun.  But what about the kids?  How much fun will they have?  How much will you do and see that will give you that “I wish the kids could see this” feeling?  I know.  I too am a GeekDad eternally worrying about where I can and can’t take my kids.  That is why, my friends and fathers in arms, I am writing this now.
kidcon-banner-salt-lake-comic-con-fanxYou should take your kids, and the reasons are simple, and numerous, and coincidentally, in numerical order.
  1. Children under 10 years old are free with an accompanying adult.  To walk in the door with your kids will cost you nothing, aside from what you paid for your own pass.
  2. If you are a GeekParent, you probably have GeekKids.  If you would love it, chances are they will.  Really, these two points are just establishing the guilt you should feel for thinking about leaving your kids behind.
  3. The “family friendly” label has a bad rep.  Too often, this is associated with all things boring, and censored.  In this case, family friendly means the event organizers want families to come, and so they are making sure there are guests, vendors, and events the kids and the entire family can, and will enjoy.  I should say, that doesn’t mean everything is family friendly, you will still need to be a parent and monitor what your kids do and pay attention to where you take them.
  4. Kid-Con.  Kid-Con is a specifically designated section of the convention floor dedicated to the youngest geeks.  Now if you have some questions about Kid-Con, that‘s OK, I did too.  That is why I reached out to, Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder and show producer, Dan Farr.
According to Dan, Kid-Con was born organically from last year’s Salt Lake Comic Con event.  The decision to create events and an area specifically for families and kids was the natural result of so many families showing up.  The family friendly side is there because we understand there are just naturally elements of the con that are not always appropriate for all audiences. Parents will still have to keep track of what may or may not be appropriate for their kids; we just want to make sure we have things that are appropriate.  The Kid-Con area will be set up off to the side of the floor, with volunteers watching the entrances.  They will be there to make sure nothing inappropriate comes in.  If someone tries to walk in with a costume that would scare the kids, they wouldn’t be allowed in.  The events and guests for Kid-Con are not specifically targeted to any single age group.  The whole thing is for kids of all ages really, but the Kid-Con was set up to really give the kids that are coming with parents, the 10 and under crowds, something, but there is plenty to see for everyone.
Those things are (currently);
  • DeLorean Time Machine
  • USS Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration
  • 501st Legion Stormtroopers
  • Utah Jazz Bear
  • Utah LEGO Users Group
  • H.E.R.O.I.C., Inc.
  • Evermore Park
  • Utah Browncoats
  • Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet
  • Ghostbusters of SLC

There could be more too.  The guys working to put on this convention are always plotting and scheming to bring more to tickle your fandom, whatever that fandom may be.  They have made the decision to never forget every geek, started as a GeekKid, you should too.  Trust a fellow GeekDad, bring your kids, for at least a little while, to Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX.

For more information visit Salt Lake Comic Con site, to buy tickets and we’ll see you at the con.

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