Geek Movies 2010: Nick Edition

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I just realized how great 2010 was for great science-fiction/comic book/geek cinema. I can’t believe each of these came out this year. Here’s my favorites in no particular order.

The Crazies — I was immediately blown away by the cinematography of this gem. The pacing and great characters sealed the deal.

Predators —Take some old friends, a bottle of whiskey, a comfy couch and let the awesomeness commence. I’m totally gay for Adrien Brody.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World —I call it this generation’s Blade Runner. It didn’t make a lot of money, but Scott Pilgrim pushed the boundaries of filmmaking and is sure to be a cult-classic.

Kick-Ass — Yes. It did.

Inception — Nolan proves his depth and genius in this well written instant classic. It only gets better with repeat viewings.

The A-Team —It wasn’t the greatest movie ever. However, playing A-Team tongue-in-cheek was the right way to present this cheesiness to the world. The casting was perfect. I watched it with a good buddy. Maybe it was the muscle relaxer I took beforehand, but dammit if we didn’t give each other high-fives the whole way through.

The Other Guys — This must have come from the mind of a very funny geek.

The Social Network — Okay, I didn’t get it. Network had a good script with excellent acting and directing, but I felt bored. Anyways, it’s on the list because it tells a story that has arguably defined this geeky generation.

Best Worst Movie — Growing up in Utah I thought everybody knew about Troll 2. Apparently they did.

I still haven’t seen Tron Legacy or Toy Story 3 or they might be up there somewhere. Also I can’t wait for True Grit, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fall into the geek category. (Okay, film-geek maybe…)

Now, should we talk about the geek movies that sucked it hard in 2010? Let me just go ahead and nominate Iron Man 2 as the biggest disappointment of the year.

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