Ryan Thomason

Geek Dress Code: Always Have Cool T-Shirts

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I’ve been looking around to buy some new t-shirts lately. I can only wear my super cool batman, wolverine, ironman and marvel heroes t shirts so many times before my wife starts to accidentally forget to wash them and they get regulated to the bottom of the clothes pile. Since I found a place that had some cool looking shirts that I put on my shopping list to buy next paycheck, I figured the least I could do is point you in the direction of Junk Food Clothing. I’ll toss the ones I singled out for myself in a gallery, but you should at least go check out all the shirts yourselves. The big drawback though is that a single shirt will cost you 32 bones.

I can’t talk about how well they hold up just yet, but hopefully these shirts don’t fade out quickly like some of my dorkier shirts seem to do after a couple of washes. The superheroes collection is decent, though there were some that if I wasn’t married with kids and still in college would have bought in a second. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but if you partake, they have some nice ones there too.

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