Ryan Thomason

Geek Dad Report: What is My Breaking Point?

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If you ever come across a parent who had or currently has very young kids, and they tell you that it was a magical time and there were no problems or bumps in their lives. They are full of crap. I can’t think of a time where I’ve day in and out felt this worn down in nearly every capacity. I know my wife feels the same way, because every day around 4 pm, I get a text message asking when I’m coming home. Even though I leave work at the same time every day for the past couple of years. She’s just hoping I get home a little bit earlier to help out. When your day consists of a three year old and a 1 year old constantly making noises, wanting something, or pooping their pants. Yeah, it’s a drain. Then at dinner time, a conversation might go like this.

Baby: da da da da da (as you’re trying to feed them)
Kid: daddy I done?
You: Eat your whole dinner.
Baby; Da da da DA da
Kid: I don’t wanna!
You: Eat it.
Baby DA da da da DA, Kid: NOOOO, Baby: Da da dadadad DAAAAAAAAAA
You: Eat your veggies
You: Life is great. Life is great. Life is great.

See, doesn’t that sound like an amazing experience! Imagine that for every meal! Then you get to deal with bedtimes, and nobody wanting to take them, pajamas not being put on because they hid them. Or being pee’d/pooped on while you’re changing a baby diaper. It all adds up. Then, if you’re lucky like me, your baby is teething so she wakes up about two times a night, doesn’t find any position you hold her in comfortable. Does a crying/whine the whole time for an hour at 2 AM. Oh and you’re spouse can’t help because she’s too short to put the baby in the crib and doing so would be a good three inch drop for the kid onto the mattress.

In the end though, you realize that you don’t have a breaking point, that all the insanity and shenanigans are wiped away when your oldest gives you a big hug and tells you with the most sincerer tone that they love you. Or when you get home from work, and the kids light up when they see you, your baby puts their little head on your shoulder, pats your chest and says “Da Da.” When you take on the responsibility to be a parent, you don’t have a choice, there is no breaking point. You just dig deeper and ride it out. Though, these words may be coming from a delusional parent with two little kids, I stand by them. It is our job as parents to realize that you can find little ways to blow off steam so that you are at least hanging by a thread with your sanity.

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