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Geek Dad Report: Tribulations of having a baby…again

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I forgot what it was like to have a newborn in the house.  Now that my son is nearing two and a half I’ve grown accustomed to having semi-normal conversations and rough housing.  My daughter Finley arrived in this world some two weeks ago, and I’m back at square one.  Newborns are easy though the second time around.  No longer do we call the doctor on every sneeze or weird sounding cough.  I can change a diaper like a pro at 2:45 in the morning, though with a girl, wiping is a little more complex.  The only hard part this time around is that you don’t get to focus all of your attention on one child.

I have to say though, my son has been the best older brother.  He loves to give her hugs and kisses when he sees her.  Not in a weird way like Luke and Leia, but you know he loves her.  A couple of days back, as we were light saber fighting with cardboard tubes, which I was dual wielding to his single tube.  Ok, I was pretending they were light sabers, he was just happy to be hitting things together to make a noise.  He stopped in mid swing, and walked over to where Finley was rocking away in her swing machine and told her that he was keeping her safe.  I asked him who he was keeping her safe from, and he said “Daddy”, when I asked ‘why daddy’ I was told ‘Ahhh geez Daddy’ like I should have known and then he resumed swinging his cardboard tube at me.  I quickly disarmed him and made some play stabs at his kidneys, and told him that I won.

When my daughter started to cry from her swing as I was celebrating my victory, Lincoln shouted that she didn’t have to worry, he was right there.  I can only hope that he doesn’t falter from his current stance of being her protector.  I hope that when they go to school together, he can muscle whoever tries to break her heart.  Though, against my wives visions, I’m hoping to get a little Starbuck out of my daughter.  For every Disney Princess movie she watches, I’m going to show her an episode from the new Battlestar Galactica where Starbuck punches a dude in the face, then hops into a Raptor and blows some Cylons out of the sky only to celebrate with a cigar afterwards.  I think that as long as I can try and maintain a balance of the super girly things my wife and family will do with her, with some super geeky stuff of girls that kick ass. She’ll be alright.

Right now, she’s just a standard eat, sleep, and poop machine.  I don’t know how she does it though with her lack of ability to aim, she’s got a knack for peeing on me at the changing table.  When she does open her eyes and stare at me, it’s hard not to grin at what I’ve got installed for her.  I know that all the nights of having to wake up three or four times to change her, sometimes only to get bottle duty on top of it so my wife can go back to sleep will be totally worth it.

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