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Geek Dad Report: Traffic School

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Yeah, Everyone made fun of me for having to spend 2 hours of my Thursday night at Traffic School. At least all the citations I had on the single ticket were wiped from my record and my car insurance isn’t going to go up. Honestly, though, even though I had to fork over $125 to pay for the school (remember no other fines or points against my driving record were issued) the class was actually a nice refresher course. So, what exactly did I do other then have my butt go numb from leaning in my chair too much?

First off, I got to the courtroom and signed in, had some papers taken care of and sat down. Looking around there it was easy to spot out the criminal demographic I was finding myself with. Young White Males. I know, I was fearing for my life. Out of the 12 or so guys and 4 girls, I think only two people weren’t white, so make sure when you’re driving you watch out for white people, they are apparently the biggest offenders. Other than our instructor for the evening (Officer Stumm, pictured above), there was another officer present and the guy who has the power to send you to Traffic School or not. I think they are supposed to stay for the whole thing, but these guys bailed as soon as Officer Stumm started talking.

The slideshow wasn’t bad at all, it made the proper points, wasn’t all loony with sliding images and words. I really, really hate it when people think they are being creative when they make every letter of a word dance slowly on the presentation. I’m glad that cops don’t screw around. There were some disturbing images, but nothing gory, i guess tastefully disturbing is the proper usage? There were some videos in the presentation, the best were showing drunk people, honestly, there is nothing better than watching drunk people act completely stupid. There was some apprehension from most of the class to talk when the office asked questions, I tried to lighten it up, but it’s like those mandatory freshman classes in college. You have to be there, and really, really don’t want to, so you don’t have anything to say. I knew it was going to happen, and at the very end of the class, one guy decided that he wanted to have a conversation. Looking around, everyone was ready to bolt out of their seats, but this guy wanted to talk to the officer, it was funny really.

So, you ask, why the hell am I writing about this? As I asked the officer after the class, we were in agreement that this is something that everyone should do. I’ve been driving for 12 years now, if you’re like me, you have habits, and you forget some things. The class was a nice refresher, and when I was driving home that night, I found myself stopping at the correct places at stop signs for once, and noticing crosswalks more. It should be a requirement that if you are going to have a license, you should have to take refresher courses every say, 5 years so or. You can’t expect that something you learned when you were 16 to stick with you for your whole life. If you have an opportunity to take this kind of course free of charge, I suggest you do it, or if you want, ask your city/state/federal officials why they don’t have these types of things. It’ll save a lot of lives and have vastly safer roads.

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