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Geek Dad Report: This is Why I love Being a Dad

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I can’t possibly think of my life now without my kids in it. Being a dad has made it a gillion times better. Now that my son is about two and a half, he is being a lot more imaginative. Just the other day, he climbed up into my computer chair by himself, and started typing on my keyboard. Thankfully the computer was off, so I let him type away, when I asked him what was doing, his reply was “Making Robots Dad.” Nothing warms a Geek Dads heart more than hearing something like that. I’m going to tell you a little story about my weekend, and how to make a robot head. Hopefully, it will help you come up with ideas on how to have fun with your kids and keep their imaginations alive.

My favorite thing about being a dad is helping my son (and eventually my daughter when she gets past the Eat, Sleep, Poop stage) is that I get to help him use his imagination. This is a great age for kids, they’re using their brains, figuring out stuff on their own, it’s total development time. My job is to help facilitate that. Now that he likes to pretend that he can use the keyboard to make a robot, I decided to take it a step further. I took one of the big boxes of pampers baby wipes that we buy in bulk from Sams Club (the best place to buy diapers/wipes BTW) I asked him if he wanted a daddy robot. Of course he did, “Geez Dad” with a faceplam was his actual reply. So, I got the box, and we decided together were to put the eyes and mouth, if they were going to be big eyes, or teeny tiny eyes. “Just eyeballs, Dad” I like it, keep it simple.

With robot head complete, I got to play around as the Daddy Robot, it was a blast, when he wanted to be a robot, “Like on George Dad.” Is when I decided to take it a step further. One episode of Curious George, George wanted to entertain Hundly (the weiner dog that helps out in the lobby of the apartment Georges lives in the city) so George made a robot costume and pretended to be a robot. Lincoln had somehow remembered this from the couple of months ago when he saw it, and wanted to now make himself a robot. You can’t take kids memories for granted, they absorb everything they see/watch/hear, so make sure you’re letting the things you want them to absorb that you approve of. Anyways, taking the robot head a step further, I got the glue we have, and Lincoln helped me spread it all over the other big wipes box we had. After a side was properly glued, I pasted a big piece of paper to the sides of the box and cut off the excess. When we got all the paper on the side of the box, we cut out the eyes and mouth. Boom. Now, he’s got his own robot head, and because of the paper, he can draw/paint, put stickers, or glue whatever the hell he wants to it. I cut a big X into the top, pushed it in so that it wasn’t so stiff and took the long cardboard tube from the paper towel roll we just finished off. Shoved the tube into the now easy to access X and he had a large antenna/exhaust pipe sticking out of the head. He thought it was funny at least. Kids don’t care, they just want you to play with them, and teach them how to do things and about the things they are playing with.

Once we spend the rest of the week getting his head all painted/crayoned/stickered, etc, I think we’ll move onto the next step which is turning one of the big diaper boxes into the body of the robot. This is probably going to the be most hilarious, as he’ll have to get into it, make arm holes and see him try to walk in it.

Being a Dad is freaking awesome.

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