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Geek Dad Report: The One Thing I Don’t Get About Imaginext

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My Son loves the Imaginext toy line by Fisher Price, thing is, so does my daughter. Yet there aren’t any female figures for her to play with.

I’m probably the last person who should be standing up for Women’s Rights and what have you, but seriously, how is this toy line strictly male only? Yeah, they could have tossed in some princess’s and whatnot, but that would just be stupid. My daughter loves playing Imaginext with her brother and I, so when we were at the store, I was browsing the section looking for something that maybe could be her first figure. The closest I got was a Knight that had a Lion for a companion, which she loved, and tried to make the lion eat everything, but still, no girl figures.

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive and while I’m sure there are enough of you that might read this and think I should just let my daughter play with her girl toys mixed into this Imaginext toys I don’t know why it has to resort to that.

This is one of the first times that I wanted to buy something that would fully include my daughter in an activity with her older brother that I’ve found myself obstructed because of a limitation due to the fact that this is clearly “Boy’s Only”. Yes, we buy my daughter all the Princess/pink stuff that she’s currently obsessed about, my son has no interest in them. If he did, we’d get him a Ken doll or something, maybe if it’s like the one in Toy Story 3. Regardless, I wanted to buy my daughter a girl knight/anything within the Imaginext line and came up with nothing at the store. Searching online, you’ll find there is a obscure female DC character that has a figure, her name is Catwoman, that’s it. While that figure doesn’t look too shabby, I’ve never seen it in a store, ever. I know, I can use the internet, but just because you offer only ONE thing it’s like saying that you totally understand the Gay lifestyle because you know one that you sometimes talk to on Facebook.

My daughter doesn’t seem to mind though, she likes being Sir Angus and putting him at the top of the giant Dragon Castle we have shouting “Dragon Fortress, TAKE MY TOLL!” and then activating some of the stuff. She takes the Dinosaur ones and makes the knights ride them, or they assault the pirate ship we have (We have a giant storage bin full of Imaginext) Her enjoyment is never diminished by the fact that there are no girls that she plays with in our imaginative playtime that these awesome toys bring to the table. It doesn’t register in the her head, but it does in mine, and I know that she would toss Sir Angus to the side if there was some kind of girl figure that could take up a sword and shield to kick some butt. It’s the fact that there is Next to No option that bugs me, especially is this so hand wringingly trying to be politically correct society that we live in.

This is all you get little girls. If you can find it.

It can’t be that hard to make a little figure female, just don’t slap on a (typically lopsided) beard of some sort and add painted hair, give her a set of light colored (or pink if you’re man enough Imaginext) armor, shield and a sword you have girl Imaginext fighter that anybody in the 3+ demographic won’t know the difference and play with them the same as any other. I know that I can’t break down stereotypes though my silly article here on a small geek blog, but seriously, I’m tired of them (stereotypes); especially when it comes to my geeky stuff and trying to get my kids to use their imagination.

/end useless rant

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