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Geek Dad Report – The Force Awakens Mega Panel Special

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Show us on this Batman action figure where The Force Awakens touched you…

We’ve been teasing it for weeks, and did we ever deliver…the Geek Dad Report Star Wars: The Force Awakens super mega panel special is finally here!! Ryan and I pulled together the greatest minds that podcast land had to offer and we all had a two hour discussion about the awesome that is The Force Awakens. Now full disclosure, this is NOT a spoiler-free show, we dive into every aspect of the new movie. So if you haven’t seen the Force Awakens yet, watch this show at your own risk. For everyone else, join Ryan, Alan, Kyle, Matt, and myself (that’s Brian for all you new people) as we happily dive into a galaxy far far away. Enjoy!!

Also, on a side note. The Geek Dad Report will return in a couple weeks with the almost all new, and mostly improved season two of the one show dedicated, formulated, specially created to bringing you all the epic news you need to know, and keeping your valuable time just that, valuable. See ya soon!!

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This Week’s Recomendation:

Ryan, Brian, Alan, Kyle, and Matt: This one’s easy…go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!! Whether you’ve seen it a hundred times or just once, it’s worth seeing again, And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for, GO NOW!!

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