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Geek Dad Report Roundtable – Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 Review

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We proudly present to you, the roundtable without fear.

Geek Dad Report Bonus Episode!!

Welcome everybody to the Geek Dad Report Roundtable SPOILER-filled video review of Daredevil!!! That’s right, Brian gathered together some of the big guns from WatchPlayRead and we dedicated an entire hour to talking about nothing but that glorious second season of Daredevil. We dive into all the things we loved about the new additions to the show, and what we loved about how the show has grown and expanded in general. We also talk about some things we didn’t like, and how there are still some issues from season one that the writers can’t seem to fix. Finally we talk about the future of Daredevil, and where we want all these Marvel Neflix shows to go in general.

So join Brian, Kaitlyn, and Matt as they gush about the man without fear and all the gory greatness happening this season in Hell’s Kitchen. Enjoy!!

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